The Peninsula Hotel x Tiffany & Co New York Spirit Afternoon Tea

With over 300 years of collective experience, it is difficult to fathom what better collaboration could be formed than that of The Peninsula and Tiffany & Co which resulted in the creation of an elegant and enchanting afternoon tea in the spectacular ambiance of The Peninsula Lobby. 
The Tiffany & Co legacy as the world knows it, has always managed to maintain and envelop a sense of intrinsically inspirational pieces which capture simplicity and elegance. Throughout the ages it is undeniably evident that Tiffany & Co is extraordinarily skilled in the art of adapting to the ever-changing desires of different eras. When combining these skills with the equally impressive tradition and grandeur of The Peninsula, the concoction which results is quite spectacular. 

Held in the iconic Peninsula Lobby and open since 1928, will not disappoint visitors with its incredible ambiance. If you wish to experience the New York Spirit Afternoon Tea, expect to bask in the countless rows of monumental columns that stretch as high as the eyes can see. The interior of the Lobby is a brilliantly formulated interaction of all that is held sacred to traditional craftsmanship while simultaneously introducing many modern attributes. The difficult task of balancing simple yet intricate creations appears to be one which The Peninsula and Tiffany & Co both achieve quite effortlessly. 

The New York Spirit Afternoon Tea will continue to tantelise your palettes while perfectly complementing the charismatic surroundings of The Peninsula. With many divine treats available, both savory and sweet, such as fresh fluffy scones and a range of sophisticated high tea sandwiches, the anticipation is definitely most devoted to the cakes and assortment of sweets found on the top tier of your afternoon tea tray.

Created in the shape of many recognisable Tiffany & Co trinkets, these adorable sweet temptations will have you achingly awaiting the opportunity to taste the dessert portion of your afternoon tea. We suggest you start with the macarons which are created with Madagascar vanilla, coupled with a smooth and soothing texture of white chocolate which works in perfect unison with the sweet crunch of the generous ‘Tiffany blue’ macaron exterior. They are almost too beautiful to eat....Almost! One of The Luxury Life’s personal favourites has to be the ‘’New York Cheesecake” which consists of a shortbread exterior filled with a blueberry and cream cheesecake. The zesty tang of blueberry contrasted by the sweet gush of delicate cream makes each bite exceptionally enjoyable. Of course no ‘Tiffany inspired’ afternoon tea would be complete without a treat made in the very image of Tiffany & Co.’s distinguished ‘blue box’ layered with vanilla mouse, strawberry marmalade and almond sponge cake. 

However, above all of the wonderfully indulgent sweets, what is most remarkable about this experience is that each detail of the New York Spirit Afternoon Tea has been carefully contemplated in order to take you on a journey into the wonderous and glamorous world of luxury living and exquisite taste. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s anyone? I think not…I rather have Afternoon tea at The Peninsula!